Family get togethers

Through Bruce Tyzack’s and my project to put together a book about our Australian ancestors and current family members, the idea to bring together the family was born.  In 2016 approximately 80 family members met in Melbourne – for most of us, it was the first time for meeting the majority of the family.  I think we all remember those days with huge smiles.

I love the fact that a few family members have kept in touch occasionally by email or by posting comments on this blog.  Months ago I was delighted to receive a message from Darwin relative, Chris Tyzack who told me she and her partner Jack were headed down to Hobart in the coming months and wondered whether we might catch up. ‘But of course’, I said. ‘We will definitely do that.’

Last night Chris, Jack, my sister June and I enjoyed a wonderful few hours, dining on tasty fish caught in local waters, at Mures Restaurant on Hobart’s glorious waterfront.  Despite a downturn in the temperature outside, our constant chatter was very warm.

Helen June and Chris Tyzack090518

Jack Ellis June Tyzack Chris Tyzack 090518.JPG

If you are getting together with other family members that are not normally part of your family circle, please let me know and I will publish  your stories here.  Or if there is a special occasion involving a celebration within your part of the family, there is a story in that which will interest other family members. Of course, when there are deaths or births of Tyzacks I want to acknowledge those changes in this blog as well.

So please keep the stories coming.  Please keep the contacts coming.  Please keep the meetings coming.



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