More  sad news; our oldest Tyzack has died

It is with great sadness I must report that Norman Oswald Tyzack (Norm), who was born on the 20 May 1927 the son of Leonard Victor and Annie Dora Tyzack, died peacefully and without pain on Sunday 20 August 2017.

The funeral service will be held next Tuesday 29th August 2017 at 1.30 pm. The location is Tobin Brothers Funerals at 111 Wheatsheaf Road, Glenroy, Victoria 3046.

Norman head

Norm was the youngest and the last survivor of five Tyzack siblings; Arthur, Leonard Benjamin, Unnamed, Victor Thomas and Stanley Howard.


Below: Norm with his mother Annie

Annie Dora and Norm cropped.JPG

Almost 64 years ago, Norm married Freda.

With wife Freda, Norm had three children: Bruce, Heather and Margaret.  Each married and their families have grown up.  Through Bruce, Norm had two grandchildren and one great grandchild. Through Heather, Norm had two grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  Through Margaret, Norm had three grandchildren and one great grandchild.  Norm was very proud of his family and much loved by all.

Below: Freda and Norm

Norm and Freda  cDec 2015 for publication.jpg

Norm and Freda.JPG

Norm became the centre of attention at the Tyzack family’s 150th anniversary gathering last year, when he took on the hefty responsibility as the official caretaker of the Tyzack Bible.

10  Norm receiving the Bible.JPG

When interviewed it was clear Norm took the receipt of this tome very seriously.

12 Norm continuing speaking with June holding mike

Below are an assortment of photos featuring Norm and Freda, at that anniversary gathering.

4 Michael Freda Norm.JPG

CPFreda Bruce Marg Norm Chris Len

CP Freda and Norm.jpg


I find I am quite emotional about Norm’s passing.  He was always friendly to me, and I liked his twinkling eyes. Norm’s passing is a reminder of our mortality – and how now there are quite a few of us that represent the next generation who are ageing.

The next generation are as follows (with their birth year); some with the Tyzack surname and others with new family names.

  1. Marion Delmenico 1940
  2. David Hassell 1943
  3. Janine Buchanan 1945
  4. Leonard Arthur Tyzack 1945
  5. Philip Hassell 1945
  6. Leonard Victor Tyzack 1946
  7. Jill Corbani 1947
  8. Ruth Jackson 1947
  9. Adrian Hassell 1948
  10. Gillian Butsch 1948
  11. Noel Tyzack 1948
  12. Neville Tyzack 1949
  13. Roslyn Henry 1949
  14. William Tyzack 1950
  15. Janet Brydon 1951
  16. Raymond Tyzack 1951
  17. Helen Tyzack 1952
  18. Christine Tyzack 1953
  19. Beverley Murphy 1954
  20. John Tyzack 1955
  21. June Tyzack 1955
  22. Valerie Rich 1955
  23. Bruce Tyzack 1956
  24. Peter Crockett 1956
  25. Heather Hawkins 1959
  26. Andrew Crockett 1960
  27. Margaret Lavery 1960





4 thoughts on “More  sad news; our oldest Tyzack has died

  1. Hi Helen

    I was sorry to hear that Norm has passed away. He lived to a good age. I only met him two or three times but Mum (Dorothy Tyzack) kept in touch with both Norm and Freda over the years and I was pleased to catch up with them at the reunion last year.

    Thank you for your efforts in keeping us up-to-date with the happenings in the family.

    Best wishes

    Roslyn Henry


  2. Just reading this now, but I am sorry for your loss. Our earth would have lost a tremendous human being with the passing of Norm Tyzach.
    Losing our loved ones does remind us of our mortality. My mom and dad are both gone, and it hits home when you realize you are the oldest generation.


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