One of our family has died: Farewell Joan Tyzack

Joan (nee Burridge) was born on the 4th April 1928 and died on the 10th August 2017.

Family members and friends are invited to attend her funeral.  The funeral service will be held at Le Pine Chapel, 21 McDonald Street , MORDIALLOC, Victoria on Tuesday, 22nd August 2017 at 02:30 PM.

Funeral home

Joan married Stan Tyzack on the 18th of September 1954. Apparently Joan worked in the office in his workplace, Hill &Co. (an accountant, estate and business agency) . It is not known the date when Joan commenced this employment nor when they met, but Stan had been working with the firm since 1939.  Late in 1965, Joan’s sister Audrey commenced work for the firm.

In the 1960s two daughters entered their family; Lynne (20/10/1961) and Julie (23/8/1963).

The photo below shows Julie, Joan and Lynne in the 1960s.

Joan Julie and Lynne.jpg

In the photo below Joan is holding baby Julie

Julie and Joan.jpg

The full family photo is shown below with Stan, Julie, Joan and Lynne

Stan Julie Joan and Lynne-photoshopped.jpg

During the preparation of the book William Baker Tyzack and his descendants in Australia, and when planning the Tyzack 150th family anniversary, I exchanged letters with Joan and had lengthy phone discussions. She was a thoughtful, interesting woman who was open and a pleasure to talk with.  Faced with a series of ongoing health problems, Joan was never despairing but hopeful. As such she presented as a wise role model for dealing with the vicissitudes of ageing.

Unfortunately we never met.  This month, I and the world has lost a wonderful friendly soul.


3 thoughts on “One of our family has died: Farewell Joan Tyzack

  1. I had great plans to visit Auntie Joan after our family reunion, but sadly I never found or made the time!
    Rest in peace Auntie Joan.


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