War veterans

I was asked today if across the family we have members who have been engaged in wars or peace keeping forces somewhere around the world since World War II.  I don’t know the answer to this.  Does anyone?


8 thoughts on “War veterans

  1. Hi Helen, Big brother Len was in the Air force for 20+ years and served in Egypt with United Nations Peacekeeping Force. I was in National Service during Vietnam Era at Watsonia Camp at the School of Signals as a trainer. Noel Tyzack


    1. That is interesting. I certainly had no idea about your brother or your own involvement. Thanks for providing the information. I know that after I wrote the two postings one for WWI and the next for WWII, I realised there had been so many more wars since that Australian soldiers were engaged in but I had no idea who was involved from our family. I thought it was only right and proper we remembered everybody yesterday (and of course, always). Your job was certainly very important during the Vietnam War – providing training is always so essential. I wonder if you were a trainer after the war in other organisations.


      1. Hi Helen, After national service I went back to the ABC at Ripponlea TV studios where I was a technician, rebuilding the studios for colour then promoted up to eventually become a Supervising Technician in the Maintenance and Operations Dept from where I retired after 39 years.


  2. Helen

    Our Arran has had 1 tour to East Timor and 2 tours to Afghanistan. He has also been to places like Somalia, Ethiopia, and Solomon Islands but these were not long term postings. Kate also did time in the navy in war zones. I know East Timor but not sure of others.

    Be well Phil


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