Today is Remembrance Day

On the 11th of the 11th month each year, we remember those who fought wars overseas on behalf of us: the Australian people.

When twelve Tyzack family members descended on Christ Church in Essendon over a month ago, we sat in the pew dedicated to two Tyzack men who returned from World War 1.  For members of our family these were an uncle, a grandparent, a great grandparent or an even more distant relative.

Our recent family gathering of the size and complexity it had, would not have existed without Corporal Leonard Victor Tyzack – known as ‘Lennie’.  He had six children, many grandchildren and great grandchildren. Bruce Tyzack tells us in our book William Baker Tyzack and descendants in Australia, that “Lennie died at the Repatriation General Hospital in Caulfield aged just 40 years old on the 1st April 1933 having suffered from TB since the war, but finally dying from cardiac failure.”

Our second family member who returned from the first World War was Lieutenant Thomas Oswald Tyzack. Bruce informs us that following the war, ‘Ozzie’ married and lived the last part of his life in New Zealand. “Thomas Oswald Tyzack died suddenly and unexpectedly on the 12th May 1928 having had a heart attack on the third hole at the Titirangi Golf Course; he was only 42 years old.”

Both men were young when they passed and I can only imagine that their contribution through World War 1 had an enduring impact on their bodies.

During our visit to the church, we noted a commemorative plaque had been attached to our pew.




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