Red poppies

I stepped outside the house to collect my mail and heard, in the distance, the last post being trumpeted at the Bellerive war memorial. It was 11.00 am on the 11th of November. I stood to attention remembering those who have fought in wars, and what I saw made the necessary connections.

For years I have watched self-sown red poppies pop up but I have never before thought of them as flowering on Remembrance Day. Their red petals were wavering in the breeze at the end of my driveway. I doubt whether these poppies are anything like those at Flanders and elsewhere in WWI, nevertheless, with the last post on the breeze, I had all the components with which to remember all family members and friends who have gone to war on Australia’s behalf.


In the earlier email, I highlighted two of our family members who went and fought in WWI.  Other family members served their country during WWII.  I remember them with gratitude today.

Corporal: Harold Edward Markson Tyzack

Craftsman: Paul Thomas Tyzack

Private: Ronald Baker Tyzack

Sargeant: Victor Thomas Tyzack




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