Cocktail Party snaps -first lot

Dozens of photos were taken at the Cocktail Party. Over the coming days I will post all of them – good and bad.  Once the Saturday event photos have been shown, then I will commence on the numerous photos taken at the Sunday BBQ.  The following, and the future posts are not trying to tell any story – they are presented at random.

CP ChrisMValSherryTrentonValLuigiJudyPhil.jpg

CP Cocktail Party general.jpg

CP Freda and Norm.jpg

CP Emma Michael and Christine M.jpg

CP Cocktail Party.jpgCPFreda Bruce Marg Norm and Christine J.jpg

CPChris and Keith.jpg

CPGary and Neil 2.jpgCP Luigi and Bruce.jpg

CPFreda Michael Marg Rith Norm ChrisJLenPhileJackNoel.jpg

CPFreda Bruce Marg Norm Chris Len.jpg




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