A reunion for some and an anniversary celebration for others

Our Cocktail Party and BBQ flowed smoothly, all the more so for June acting as the MC for both occasions.


Through her we were welcomed warmly, were told what the jewels on our name badges meant, learnt where the bar was and how to access it, and at the BBQ knew when it was time to eat and where the food was.


On Saturday June made it clear we were not attending a family reunion because as a family group we had never had one union. The Cocktail Party was an event marking the anniversary of William’s arrival in Australia so it was an anniversary celebration.  However on Sunday she explained that for some people, all those who had been at the Saturday night party, the Sunday BBQ was a family reunion.  For everyone else it was not a family reunion.


June had other duties which she performed with aplomb. She introduced Phil who launched our Tyzack anniversary book officially, and she thanked Jill for bringing the Family Bible before allowing Helen to say a few words and hand the book over to Norm as the oldest living descendant of William Baker Tyzack with Tyzack as his surname.

On Sunday, June alerted everyone to the only existing photo of William and thanked Marian, who is the current caretaker of that piece of history, for bringing it to the BBQ for everyone to see.

Thanks June for informing us about what was happening and keeping us all together at the events.


Great job June despite the occasional waver as you balanced on a chair so everyone could see you!




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