Photographers and technical assistants

Our Cocktail Party and BBQ anniversary events were all the better for the great work by family photographers, and those who provided advice of a technical nature in the lead up to the events and during the events.

I am especially grateful for the information and hands-on help from Emma and Gary so that the microphone and the television photo presentation all worked beautifully.

We are all indebted to the work of Gary, Heather and Grant for their wonderful images which have already been and will continue to be gracing the ‘pages’ of this blog.  Together their work presents a wonderful record of how happy, interested or immersed each family member was during these coming together events. I know other family members took photos and if you would like to send them to me for sharing, I know everyone else will be most appreciative.  I said at the events and I am repeating now – that except for a few presentation people, I will not be naming any person in the photos on this blog in order to protect privacy.

Those who helped with the photos are included in the following photos, although not necessarily front and centre. A big thanks to our ‘official’ photographers.

group-1Helen at BBQ speaking.jpgKeith Heather Phil.jpgRuthChris and Heather plus Phil with Back of Michael.jpgbruce-neil-gary49 Melinda&family Heather Janet and Roslyn 2.JPG

gary-and-neil-263 aerial shot.JPG


70 Freda and Grant Hawkins selfie.JPG

What a great looking family we are!





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