The Tyzack Family Bible

In 1852 on the occasion of William Baker Tyzack marrying Charity Juby, William’s step mother gave them a new Family Bible as a wedding gift.  This was one of the possessions that William carried with him to Australia over an 83 day sea journey, and then through a life living in the suburbs of Carlton and Hawthorn. His son Thomas William Tyzack inherited the Bible.  When Thomas died, his eldest son Harold Gordon Tyzack (Gordon) took possession. After Gordon died, Harold Edward Markson Tyzack (Ted) became the caretaker. Last year not long before reaching his 102nd birthday, Ted passed away.  Recently, his daughter Jill decided to pass the Bible on to the oldest family member with the Tyzack surname.

She determined that the Tyzack anniversary events in October was the appropriate place and time to make the transfer.

On behalf of Jill, I spoke about the Bible’s history.

9 Helen talking about the Bible.JPG

Helen June Phil and Len.jpg

Particularly I made mention of the excellent condition of the Bible and I noted the gold page edges were not damaged or tarnished. Was William Baker Tyzack a religious man?  If so, I suggest he used a different Bible for his readings. His son Thomas William Tyzack was one of the founders of Christ Church in Essendon. Was he religious? If so, he must have used a different Bible. My grandfather Gordon was not a religious man although my grandmother regularly played the organ at church services for many years. And finally, Uncle Ted was an atheist.  Our ancestors (possibly their wives) have carefully kept the Family Bible in near perfect condition for 164 years probably because any religious faith they carried did not require them to read and use the Family Bible.

On Saturday 8th October, the Family Bible passed to the oldest living descendant of William Baker Tyzack, Norman Tyzack. He promised to  look after it with the same amount of attentive diligence that his predecessors had.



11 Norm speaking re the Bible.JPG



Family members were most interested and appreciative.

13 Jack Chris Sherry Freda Michael.JPG



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