Whether the weather will bother us

Because I am travelling from another state (Tasmania) for the Tyzack anniversary events this weekend, I am concerned to bring clothes appropriate to the weather in Melbourne.  Possibly other blog readers want to know whether it will be hot or cold or wet or dry.

After looking at the forecasts on the Bureau of Meteorology site, I think I shall describe Saturday and Sunday’s weather in Melbourne as typical of mild Spring – however, Melbournites might take a different view.

Saturday: Minimum 12 and maximum 18 degrees. 30% chance of slight shower in early morning. On this basis going to and from the Cocktail Party will be dry, albeit with some breeze, and cool in the evening.

Sunday: Minimum of 10 and maximum of 21 degrees. A 70% chance of showers is forecast.  Therefore, you will be glad to know that while it is possible to be outdoors for the BBQ, there is also an indoors environment for those who want to be more comfortable.

I realise this is a generalised report forecasting weather a few days off. By the weekend alternative conditions may occur.  We may find that in the localised area of Port Melbourne, the sun might be beaming, the suburban buildings might hold back any wind, and the rain may be landing somewhere else.

This Thursday and Friday the temperatures will reach around 25 degrees in Melbourne. Therefore my suitcase will be packed with clothes for all weathers.  I am not bringing my bathers!  But I will bring my umbrella without expecting the extremes shown in the next photo.





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