William’s gravesite in its new pristine state

I am delighted to show you the finished look of the makeover of William Baker Tyzack’s gravesite in the Boroondara cemetery, Kew.

Tyzack pebbles.jpg

I am relieved that the site has scrubbed up so well – thanks Bruce for organising all of that. When I next come to Melbourne, I won’t feel awkward that I am happy to celebrate the life of someone and yet I am happy to see his last monument languish for want of care. I think some flowers will be in order when I visit.

In William Baker Tyzack and descendants in Australia  I provided directions for finding the gravesite. Admittedly now the stone plaque is brilliant white (by comparison with those around it), the site does stand out. However the cemetery is huge and locating this site isn’t always easy.  If you do not have the book, the directions are given in my post about William’s final resting place.

Bruce Tyzack organised and paid the repair and renovation bill of $1600.  Thanks Bruce. Some family members have donated financial contributions in support. If this is something you would like to do, then please email for details of where you can contribute – tyzack150thanniversary@gmail.com


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