Stories not written into the book

My grandfather Harold Gordon Tyzack, commonly known as Gordon Tyzack, had a long and interesting history as I have partially recounted in William Baker Tyzack and descendants in Australia

After reading the  book one of Grandpa’s grandsons, Phil, emailed me this week with some cheeky additional anecdotes.

An earlier blog post (Service at Christ Church Essendon) explained how William Baker Tyzack’s son Thomas was a founding parishioner at Christ Church in Essendon.  Thomas was involved with the church from 1892.  The current church is shown in the photo below.

Christ Church ess-ang-02.jpg

Phil told me Grandpa was responsible for pumping the church organ because the organ bellows required manual pumping. This was before electric motors were introduced. Gordon was born in 1884 and was working in remote rural Victoria by 1909.  Surely Gordon would have been a teenager to be strong enough to pump the bellows.  Therefore, perhaps this family story sits well somewhere in the years 1895-1905.  Does any family member have more information on this?

Phil’s second story should not have surprised me because I know my grandfather had a mischievous sense of humour.  Apparently Gordon and his brothers were caught throwing stones onto the church roof so that they were banned from the church.

I wonder how many stories from the other sections of our family exist.  I will be very interested to learn more.



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