Taking a walk down memory lane

The previous two blogs posts William Baker Tyzack in Carlton and William Baker Tyzack in Hawthorn were written in an attempt to persuade you to take your own excursion to the streets where William lived.  He would have got around on foot at least some of the time. Therefore it seems to me only reasonable that we travel similarly to get a feel for distances from train stations and tram lines.

Three maps are provided below to provide additional information. I have not walked to the Norwood St address but I hope to do so around the October anniversary events when I am next in Melbourne. The third map shows the approximate location for that address.

Three Carlton addresses: Dorrit St, Faraday St and McArthur Place South

Carlton captured.JPG

Four Hawthorn addresses:  Wakefield St, Haines St, Whitehorse Road, and Victoria Road

Hawthorn captured.JPG

Norwood Road, Camberwell. “… Norwood, a village surveyed in the 1850s whose name was changed to Burwood in 1879, now straddles the south-eastern part of Camberwell and north-eastern part of Glen Iris. At the extreme edge of the Boroondara Road District, a village developed where Toorak Road crossed the boundary now known as Warrigal Road. This settlement was known as Norwood, and this portion of Toorak Road, between Hartwell and the shire boundary, continued to be known as Norwood Road into the early twentieth century.”  Excerpt taken from https://www.boroondara.vic.gov.au/-/media/Files/Your%20Council/Meetings%20and%20Agendas/Urban%20Planning%20Special%20Committee/20150615/UPC1%20Amendment%20C221.pdf

Norwood with arrows.JPG


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