The Thomas William Tyzack stamp

While searching the numerous archives Bruce Tyzack came across a photograph of a stamp which is located in the National Museum of Australia in Canberra.

The stamp is: a silver coloured rectangular metal stamp plate with raised text that reads ‘MADE EXPRESSLY FOR / T.W. TYZACK / MELBOURNE‘. There are six drilled holes in the plate. Handwritten in blue ink on the back of the plate is the text ‘4 SN’.” The dimension of the stamp is: 90(h) x 45(w) x 5(d).

The stamp forms part of the William and Jeanette Derham family collection and is the physical manifestation of Mr Derham’s commitment to documenting the work of Bendigo Pottery, its wares and institutional history, and includes not only pottery but by a unique collection of stamps and printing blocks used as part of the manufacturing and advertising processes.

Metal stamp metal stamp 2

This stamp was obviously meant to be used to mark pottery manufactured at the Bendigo pottery for the express use of T.W.Tyzack. The only explanation for what the stamped pottery items may have contained, was found in the National Archives of Australia.

In 1922, Thomas applied for a literary copyright for a sheet of letterpress ‘The Beef Barons HORSERADISH SAUCE’. This was probably going to be attached to the expressly made pottery which would contain the Horseradish Sauce.

bottle label

Given that Thomas freely used newspapers to advertise his business and there is no mention of this product, possibly the sauce was never launched commercially.




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