Great news

I am delighted to have received a photo of every member of our Tyzack family except from one family member who has declined to be published, seven deceased family members all bar one from the 19th century, and one of Charity Tyzack the wife of our ancestor William Baker Tyzack.

The book will present photographs of William and the 137 descendants spawned by him and Charity.  As at this month of May in 2016, our family tree contains 123 living descendants. Since 1866 approximately 72 spouses (and partners) have married into our family, including William Baker Tyzack’s wife Charity, 58 are still alive. Where possible this book contains a photograph of each of those spouses (and partners).

Overall, I expect almost 200 photos will be shown in the  book.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I have been so very appreciative of the generosity of family members from across Australia helping with this collection process.  Currently (and I expect for the next two or three weeks) I am in the process of laying out the photographs across the book.  As yet I cannot say how many pages the book will contain – it will depend on the number of photographs that get used.


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