An anniversary idea

This blog has been created for descendants of William Baker Tyzack, and any other Tyzack who is interested. William was the first Tyzack in my line to move to Australia from England. With his wife and four children he sailed from Southampton on 29 September 1866 and arrived in Melbourne 83 days later on the 21 December 1866.

When I realised that this year will be the 150th anniversary of William Baker Tyzack’s arrival, I thought it would be interesting to bring the entire Australian family together to celebrate the occasion.

Cousin Bruce Tyzack, my sister June Tyzack and I are planning two events over one weekend, and I hope everyone in our Tyzack related family will attend one or both functions. The first event will be a cocktail party on October 8th 2016 from 5.30 – 7.30pm. The second will be a family BBQ on 9th October 2016 from midday to 3pm. The location for both events will be the Port Melbourne Bowling Club in Melbourne. The suburb of Port Melbourne is where William Baker Tyzack first landed.

Planning for these two events is underway but many details are as yet unknown and will be worked through in the coming months. For example, we have not worked out how costs will be covered. But I think you will understand that at this stage, the main thing is to let the descendants of William Baker Tyzack know the celebration of the 150th anniversary is coming this October in Melbourne. Armed with this information, you can now plan to join the gathering of the extended clan – over 100 living descendants.

Currently I am developing a book which will contain a photo of each descendant on a family tree. Over the past months I have collected a current or older photo of members of the family, but there are still a few gaps in my collection.  If you have photos of any Tyzack family member descended from William Baker Tyzack who is living or deceased could you please make a digital copy and email this to me (see email address below)?

Some descendants have surnames other than Tyzack. Of course, every descendant will automatically be included in the celebrations. So when you send your photo or photos, please give the full name of the person, and the name of their mother and father. This will help us to make sure we place the person on the family tree correctly.

Already Bruce Tyzack has established a substantial website with lots of family history. He is a mine of much more information about William, William’s children, and all the descendants. You can access his website at

Please email, phone or write to me with any suggestions or questions (see my details below).

If you have an email address, can you please let me know – this will help keep my postal costs to a minimum. In addition, and because I look forward to the chance to have a phone chat with you, can you please include your phone number in any communication and I will give you a call over the coming months.

Please note: there were two other separate Tyzacks who came to Australia in the 19th century and they have extended families across Australia.  However these are not connected to our Tyzack line within Australia although 4 or 5 centuries ago there may have been an English connection.

Dr Helen Tyzack
10 Veronica St
Bellerive Tasmania 7018
Phone 03 6245 0429 / 0459 022 883

Great great granddaughter of William Baker Tyzack


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